The Housing Chair of the Rovira i Virgili University in its research aim is involved in several projects studying the housing with an interdisciplinary and international view, and that were been doing previously to the creation of the chair by the Housing Research Group from URV. In this sense, the projects are distinguished as completed and current projects:

Current Projects

Intermediate Tenancies

The Rovira i Virgili University, through the Research Group on Access to Housing has developed different papers since 2009 about Intermediate Tenancies, new property tenancy, mainly on housing and rent. These tenancies are shared and temporary ownership. More information.

Protection of the right to housing and preventing evictions

European project with the participation of the Rovira i Virgili University, FEANTSA, National University of Galway and Human European Consultancy. Sets up as its aim the protection of the housing rights, including the prevention of evictions, promoting a quick rehousing and measure the impact of evictions and homelessness. More information.

Management of social housing

This project aims to design the study ,and therefore, Spanish civil law in new ways of managing social housing in Spain, focusing it on suppliers and government entities. To do so, it is essential the study of countries where there is a good system of social housing management. Thus, the project includes a comparative study with UK and the Netherlands systems. More information.

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The Tenlaw project of the 7th European Framework Programme has the aim to carry out a rent comparative at European level, analysing national political on housing, effects of EU legislation on national politicies and coordinating the Intermediate Tenancies at European level policies on housing tenancies. More information.


The chair is part of DAAD project “The Housing Markets of Southern Europe in face of the crisis,” which focuses on international and multidisciplinary study of housing markets of Southern Europe, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Cyprus, which have a housing policy and similar framework. More information.