The European Federation for Living is an international network that comprisessocial housing providers, private stakeholders and universities and other research networks. It currently has 60 members and associates, which represent 14 European countries and more than 1.2 million housing in Europe.

Its mission consists in working together and sharing knowledge, expertise and research outputs in order to be at theforefront of economical and sustainable social housing community development in Europe, through quicker and better access to research, new innovations and funding than any other route. Thus, it aims to play a key role in Europe concerning the provision ofdiversified living and working areas for different target groups and income levels, the realisation of sustainable neighbourhoods, high-quality design of built-up and vacant areas and the creation ofsufficient employment and good conditions for setting up businesses for entrepreneurs.

UNITWIN / UNESCO Chairs Programme

Launched in 1992, the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme promotes international inter-university cooperation and networking to enhance institutional capacities through knowledge sharing and collaborative work. The Programme supports the establishment of UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks in key priority areas related to UNESCO’s fields of competence – i.e. in education, the natural and social sciences, culture and communication.


COST Actions are a flexible, fast, effective and efficient networking instrument for researchers, engineers and scholars to cooperate and coordinate nationally funded research activities. COST Actions allow European researchers to jointly develop their own ideas in any science and technology field.



The European Network for Housing Research (ENHR) was created in 1988 in order to provide an organisational platform for both institutions and individuals in Europe (and also further afield) that take an active part in research on housing. It currently has around 1,000 individual members and 100 member institutions, representing practically all of the countries in Europe. Even though it is a European network, researchers from outside Europe are equally welcome to join.

ENHR organises an annual International Conference, which is held in a different country every year. In 2013 it was held in Tarragona (



The International Research Group for the Development of Urban and Rustic Property (GIPUR) has been bringing together the work and research carried out by its directors in conjunction with different researchers from many different specialities, both Spanish and foreign, theoretical and practical, ever since the 1990s, focusing on property (both rustic and urban), registry systems, mortgage lending and financial markets.