Urban October 2020

The UNESCO Housing Chair URV has contributed to the Urban October 2020 report edited by UN Habitat international. The referred report includes the main events presented in the framework of the celebration of World Cities Day in which 753 events were presented in more than 74 countries and 230 cities. Specifically, the report of the […]


Advanced diploma for real estate agents and property management organized by the Chair responds to the need to accredit a training level by those who carry out the real estate activity and offers you all the tools and skills necessary to practice the profession with all the guarantees. It is virtual and is approved by […]


Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre Aznar talks about “Leyes como la 1/2013 y la 5/2019, están dificultando el acceso a la propiedad de muchas familias”. Revista de los Registradores de España, núm. 94. Link: https://revistaregistradores.es/sergio-nasarre/  

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