Book presentation “La gran apuesta”

Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre presented his book “La gran apuesta” at the “Law and Literature” seminar held by the University of Bremen.

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Diari de Tarragona

Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre has published an article titled “El fracaso de tantas y tantas experiencias comunitaristas” (“The failure of so many communitarian experiences“) on the newspaper Diari de Tarragona.

Diari de Tarragona

Dr. Silvana Canales Gutiérrez writes for the Diari de Tarragona about consumer claims for online shopping.


The predoctoral researcher Andrés Labella Iglesias has published an article titled “La propiedad horizontal como instrumento para los apoyos al ejercicio de la capacidad” in the journal Anales Especial 2022. 

Journal “Housing”

The no. 17 issue of the biannual journal “Housing” of the Housing Chair was published. Download at:
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Award from «Revista Crítica de Derecho Inmobiliario»

On September 19 2022, Dr. Héctor Simón Moreno won the prize for the best paper published by the Journal “Revista Crítica de Derecho Inmobiliario” in the years 2021 and 2022 for his article “The occupation of dwellings without qualifying title and fundamental and human rights in conflict” (no. 786, 2021). The event took place at the Association of Land and Mercantile Registrars of Spain.

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Agenda of the Housing Chair September-October

The Agenda of the UNESCO Housing Chair for the months of September-October is now available.

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Dr. Héctor Simón Moreno has published an article on the Sixth Book of the Civil Code of Catalonia and its impact on real estate contracts in the latest issue of the Civil Law Review. 

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Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre Aznar has published the article “Llueve sobre mojado: el problema del acceso a la vivienda en un contexto de pandemia (It Never Rains but It Pours: The Problem of Access to Housing in a Pandemic Context)” in Derecho privado y Constitución, no. 37. 



The book “The Acquisition of Immovables through Long-Term Use” has been published, which analyzes the regulation of acquisitive prescription and adverse possession in various European countries within the framework of the Common Core of European Private Law project. In one of its chapters, Dr. Héctor Simón Moreno together with Dr. Miriam Anderson of the University of Barcelona, analyze different cases from the perspective of the Spanish Civil Code and the Civil Code of Catalonia.  

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