5th International Workshop on Housing: Poland – Spain

The next 4th May of 2016 starting at 17:00 pm, the Housing Chair of URV will be held the 5th International Workshop on Housing: Poland – Spain with the headline “PROACTIVE HOUSING SOLUTIONS” Social Rental Agencies and other innovative legal instruments on the housing market“. The workshop will be rely on with the help of three experts on the topic, Dr. Magdalena Habdas, Ms. Agnieszka Fortonska and Dr. Grzegorz Matusik, who shared their knowledge with the assistants. Furthermore, some members of Housing Chair of URV collaborate with their presentations in the workshop, as Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre Aznar, Director from the Housing Chair, and the PhD, Ms. Gemma Caballé, Ms. Rosa Mª García Teruel and Ms. Núria Lambea Llop. As you can see below, we present the link where you can download the program of the Workshop and see the topics to develop.

Topics/Presentations workshop:

    • The polish housing gap – a 100 year old curse.
    • The difficult rental market (private and public rental challenges).
    • Social Rental Agencies in Poland – opportunity or fantasy?
    • Practical challenges of implementing SRAs on the Polish housing market.

Download the program 5th International Workshop on Housing.

Attendance and registration free.

Registration require to office.housing@urv.cat .