The social impact of research about community support networks

On the occasion of webinar 2 of the COVID-19 cycle held by the UNESCO Housing Chair in the spring of 2020, entitled “Ageing, communities of owners and support networks” (,  the founders of the COBIZI cooperative of Biscay worked a strategic support relationship with researcher Andrés Labella to provide legal tools for personal autonomy and community life, objective of the project they have been developing since 2019.

The need to weave links between users and bring the project closer to the representative entities has generated a stable relationship with the Basque Federation of Retirees and Pensioners (EuskoFederpen: Quienes somos), and a Nagusi Aurrera analysis group has emerged with the active participation of Mikel Agirregabiria. Within it, the initiative has emerged to create a cycle of interdisciplinary discussions and conversations that address the challenges of independent living and its connection to housing. Next February 17th at 17 hours will be held the 6th VideoConference of NagusIkas: Collaborative Neighborhood Communities, with the presence of Naomi Hasson of the Getxo Zurekin Foundation and Javier del Monte founding partner of the Jubilee Association. Link: