Publication of an article about the effects of the crisis on condominiums

Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre and Dr. Héctor Simón have published the article “The effects of ten years of crisis in condominiums” in the Revista Crítica de Derecho Inmobiliario (No. 778, 2020), which deals with the effects of ten years of economic crisis in condominiums through the data collected from 1,202 surveys conducted in Spain to units’ owners residing there. The results show that ten years of economic crisis have affected the maintenance of condominiums, with a special incidence in the increase of the delinquency, at the time that has favored the origination of problems of cohabitation. A series of recommendations are formulated to improve the management, administration and finance of condominiums, as well as about the way to face the problems and the conflicts among residents, the actions in the field of universal accessibility and energy efficiency and the regime of housing tenures.
The article may be downloaded from the “Working papers” section: