Congress “Building the right to housing”

In the last 50 years, the prices of housing in developed countries have increased three times more than the prices of other basic services. The challenges surrounding housing, such as affordability, the proliferation of slums and the increase in urban inequality, have adversely affected the quality of life of people, with serious impacts on the sustainability of the city.

In this context, UN Habitat organized on Wednesday and Thursday 27 and 28 March the congress “Building the right to housing” with the aim of helping the member states in the process of implementing the right to decent housing, repositioning housing in the contemporary global debate on inclusive cities with sustainable and viable economies, both environmentally and culturally and socially.

Two days and twenty protagonists

Professor Sergio Nasarre, director of the UNESCO Chair of Housing of the URV, is one of the 20 invited to participate in this congress. An event that also has José Mujica, former President of Uruguay; Christophe Lalande, leader of the housing unit of UN-Habitat; Joan Clos, former Mayor of Barcelona and former Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations and Habitat III; Sorcha Edwards, of the General Secretariat of Housing of Europe, the European Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing; o Reinhard Goethert, professor and researcher at MIT focused on urbanization and housing in developing countries and founder of the Global University Consortium Exploring Incremental Housing, among others.