“Robinhoodian” courts’ decisions

An article of Dr. Sergio Nasarre has been published in the International Journal of Law in the Built Environment.This article is focused on “robinhoodian” court’s decisions, i.e., those judgements that, in order to protect consumers, wrongly apply the Law, while they base their decisions in equity. More information.

2nd International Workshop Spain – South Africa – United Kingdom

On 22th June the 2nd International Workshop Spain – South Africa- United Kingdom has been organised by the Housing Chair. In this workshop, designed as an information sharing event, have participated the researchers of the Housing Chair and also Juanita Pienaar, of Stellenbosch University, and Peter Orji, of the Kingston University.

Conference ENHR

Six researchers of the Housing Chair have participated, in the field of housing (tenancies, right to housing, social housing…) in the Conference organised by the European Network for Housing Research in Lisbon from 28th June to 1st July.

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