Grant of BBVA Foundation

BBVA Foundation has awarded the Housing Chair with a grant for a new research project, within the program Ayudas a Investigadores y Creadores Culturales 2015. This research project, under the direction of Dr. Héctor Simón, will cover the optimisation of the reverse mortgage from an European and American perspective. This project will treat the sustainability of the […]

Meeting with Tom Simecek, Vicepresident of UIPI and President of the Czech Property Owners Association

Last 21st July, the Housing Chair received the visit of the Vicepresident of the International Union of Property Owners (UIPI) and the President of the Czech Property Owners Association Tom Simecek. The meeting, which was very fruitful, entailed a sharing of knowledge on housing. Mr Simecek explained the current housing situation in the Czech Republic and […]

“Robinhoodian” courts’ decisions

An article of Dr. Sergio Nasarre has been published in the International Journal of Law in the Built Environment.This article is focused on “robinhoodian” court’s decisions, i.e., those judgements that, in order to protect consumers, wrongly apply the Law, while they base their decisions in equity. More information.

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