Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre Aznar speaks for “Cinco días. El País economia” about residential pressure.


Canal Reus TV

Dr. Gemma Caballé Fabra explains the Housing + Project for the Canal de Reus Tv.

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Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre Aznar participates in the “2020 Panel Day. Local housing policies in the context of health crisis” that will take place on June 3, 2021.

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Tourist housing: from Paris to the Delta. Silvana Canales Gutiérrez. Diari de Tarragona. 23/05/2021

Diari de Tarrragona

Dr. Núria Lambea Llop speaks for the Diari de Tarragona about tourist apartments.



El Confidencial interviews Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre Aznar on “Towards a Spain of rich owners and poor tenants”.


Diari de Tarragona

Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre writes for the Diari de Tarragona about the need to properly organize the municipal housing policy, after an erratic national and regional policy in the last 15 years, which has led to promoting private property in 2007 to squat in 2021.


The director of the Chair, Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre Aznar, participates in the project “Spain 2050” made up of 100 teachers from all over the country and in which he has worked with the challenge of territory, city and housing. The resulting document will be officially presented today, Thursday, May 20, from Moncloa. The purpose of “Spain 2050” is to present a scientific approach to the 9 challenges that arise in our country for the next 30 years.

The event will be broadcast through the La Moncloa page and the document will be available from today on the following website:



Dr. Rosa Maria Garcia Teruel, postdoctoral researcher at the Chair, will lecture on tenancy law next 20th May at 4:30 p.m. The training is organized by the Tarragona Association Property Administrators. You may register at the following email:



Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre Aznar speaks to El Mundo about “The housing puzzle in Spain: 17 recipes for the problem and (almost) no solution.”