The researcher Gemma Caballé has made a three-month research stay at the University of Cambridge (England)

The researcher of the Housing Chair Gemma Caballé has made a research stay on the occasion of her doctoral thesis from 23th of June to 23th of September at the University of Cambridge, specifically the Cambridge Center of Property Law under the supervision of Professor Dr. Martin Dixon.

Research stay in the University of Birmingham

Núria Lambea, PhD candidate in the UNESCO Housing Chair, has undertaken this summer a three-month research stay (June-September) in the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom), within the scope of her PhD on social housing management schemes. In particular, she has been within the Housing and Communities Research Group (School of Social Policy), leaded by Prof. David Mullins. There, she has focused on doing an in-depth study on the social housing system, legislation and policies in England in general and on the housing associations and their management model in particular. Moreover, the research has been enriched by a Programme undertaken with Accord housing association.

Four researchers from the UNESCO Housing Chair attended the International Conference organized by the EUROPEAN NETWORK FOR HOUSING RESEARCH (ENHR) in Tirana on 4-6 of September 2017.

Dr. Sergio Nasarre, Dr. Héctor Simón, Dr. Blanca Deusdad, Mrs. Rosa Maria Garcia and Mrs. Gemma Caballé participated in the International Conference entitled “Afforadable Housing for all Redefining the role of public and private sector “in order to discuss and design strategies related to the problem of the affordability of housing and the measures to adopt both from the private market and from the public administration.