“Plataformes de Capital versus Plataformes Socials en l’Economia Col·laborativa: Punt de vista jurídic internacional”

Maria Font i Mas

In the economy, we distinguish, in a simple way, the strictly capitalist business sector and the corporate social sector. This simple dichotomy has been transferred to the scope of the collaborative economy, which mistakenly includes under the same name capital platforms and social platforms. These platforms have in common different factors, for instance, namely that they essentially use the digital platform to develop their activity; but they differ in that the first ones seek to maximize capital and the platform is a mere messenger that manages economic transactions just like the classical economy. In front of these, there are social platforms in which the main objective is not for profit, although benefits are obtained, the goal being to have a social impact, at the same time that it provides services or products to the users, following specific values.