Published the book “La tokenización de bienes en blockchain: cuestiones civiles y tributarias”, Thomson Reuters Aranzadi

The UNESCO Housing Chair has recently published the book  “La tokenización de bienes en blockchain: cuestiones civiles y tributarias” [The tokenization of goods in blockchain: private and tax law issues] (Thomson Reuters Aranzadi, 2020), which derives from the research carried out within the framework of the “Collaborative Housing” project (Ministerio de Economía, 2018) and the project “The tokenization of real rights in the regulation of the fifth book of the Catalan Civil Code” (CEJFE, 2019).

The present work is dedicated to the study of the legal consequences of the representation of the ownership and other limited real rights in digital tokens that operate in a blockchain. This technological practice makes it possible to represent a certain right (for example, the ownership of a home) in a digital token, which can be negotiated in an agile or even automatic way, thanks to smart contracts, while it is registered in a cryptographically protected distributed blockchain. This makes possible, at least theoretically, a faster, affordable and transnational transmission of goods. However, this system presents some challenges for our private and tax law system.

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