On October 14, the book entitled Advancing in inclusion was presented. Balance of achievements and pending agenda in Spanish disability law, Editorial Aranzadi, which includes the papers and communications presented to the II National Congress on the Rights of People with Disability, held in Pamplona in February 2019, and which account for the Advances achieved in recent years, among which the right to active and passive suffrage stands out.

As part of the research carried out in the Chair for the realization of the right to independent and community life recognized in article 19 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, our colleague Andrés Labella presented a paper in Congress entitled The role of community environments in favor of the right to independent life.

Among the important issues of the pending agenda of the legislator, contributions can be found on the modification of the Civil Code for the adaptation to the support model of article 12 of the Convention, the modification of article 49 of the Spanish Constitution and the proposals for the elaboration of the National Cognitive Accessibility Plan.

The contents can be known in the following link: