On September 22, our collaborator Dr. Maridalia Rodríguez Padilla published in the Dominican magazine an article entitled “Necesitamos políticas públicas habitacionales efectivas, inclusivas y diversificadas” (“We need effective, inclusive and diverse public housing policies”). Its main purpose was to draw attention to insufficient public housing policies in the Dominican Republic that would comply with the minimum standards indicated by the international agreements to which this country is a party.

In her opinion, based on the data of relevant institutions, Dominican citizens need public policies that would allow them to exercise their right to housing and other rights connected with it, as well as the measures that would promote the housing sector taking into account different needs and family budgets according to the different income groups. It also emphasizes that to recover affordable housing stock and thus to offer housing in accordance with different needs, the State’s active participation in this sector is necessary, as well as the minimum social commitment from the private sector.