Working Papers

The aim of the Working Papers published on the website of the Housing Chair of the University Rovira i Virgili is to facilitate both discussion and debate in academic research conducted primarily by its members, which will be published later in scientific articles. The Working Papers may also come either from colleagues of the Housing Chair or from any member belonging to sponsors or even from young researchers directly or indirectly linked with the Housing Chair (for example, students that have done the end-of-degree project). Since they are preliminary versions, they can not be reproduced in any form without the author´s permission. Notwithstanding this, their content may be released in other media or publications if the author deems it appropriate. Working Papers may be consulted free of charge.

  1. Working Paper 1/2014 – Mrs. Gemma Caballé Fabra, Estudiante de Derecho: “La protecció del deutor hipotecari en la Llei 1/2013”. Download.
  2. Working Paper 2/2014 – Mr. Javier Moreno Mogrovejo, Estudiante de Derecho: “La expropiación de la vivienda vacía: los límites del dominio en un contexto de crisis”. Download.
  3. Working Paper 3/2014 – Mrs. Eva vicente Moracho, Estudiante de Derecho: “La tributación de la dación en pago”. Download.
  4. Working Paper 4/2014 – Prof. Dr. Christoph U. Schmid, Profesor de Derecho Europeo Privado y Económico y Director del Centro de Derecho y Políticas Europeas en la Universidad de Bremen (Alemania): “Los arrendamientos de vivienda en Europa”. Download.
  5. Working Paper 1/2016 – Sr. Pablo Payá Diego, Estudiante de Derecho: “El contrato de hospedaje: Consideraciones generales y responsabilidad del empresario”. Download.