CEF Award, Centro de Estudios Financieros 2018

Dr. Diana Marín and Dr. Estela Rivas, both researchers from the Housing UNESCO Chair, were awarded the second prize of the 2018 Tax Law Award from the Centro de Estudios Financieros thanks to the paper “Golden visa for real estate investments, residence and taxation: a settled question”.

Inaugural lecture of the 44th seminar on urban policies and territorial studies at IVAP

Prof. Sergio Nasarre has delivered the inaugural lecture of the 44th Urban Planning and Studies course of the IVAP of Eusko Jaurlaritza-Vasc Government, which information may be found at http://www.ivap.euskadi.eus/r61- vedpre04 / es / contenidos / informacion / evetu / es_3811 / cursos_modulares.html. The conference focused on “The crisis of traditional access to housing. The […]

Participation in the ENHR international Conference 2018 and reelection of the Coordination Committee

Researchers of the UNESCO Housing Chair, Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre and Núria Lambea, attended and participated in the European Network for Housing Research (ENHR) International Conference 2018, held in Uppsala from the 26th to the 29th of June. This year’s theme was “More together, more apart: Migration, densification, segregation”. The researchers presented papers on “Legal […]