The researcher Gemma Caballé teaches a training session in the Postgraduate course on housing policies at SERT school of the COAC

On July 16, the researcher Gemma Caballé of the UNESCO Housing Chair gave a training session at the postgraduate course on housing policies of the SERT school form the Bar Association of Architects of Catalonia (COAC) about the housing research carried out at the UNESCO Housing Chair, as well as its social impact


Prof. Nasarre was invited to give the lecture “How to overcome the pendulum and inefficient legislation in urban housing leases: solutions in comparative law” to the College of Notaries of Catalonia on 20/06/2019, in its cycle of conferences “New private law perspectives for the notary after the Spanish Constitution of 1978”.


On October 21 and 22, 2019 the I Congress on the Right to Personal Autonomy will be held at the International Convention Center of Barcelona (CCIB), within the framework of the development of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities , organized by the Spanish Confederation of Persons with Physical and Organic Disabilities (COCEMFE).

People with disabilities and the phenomenon of aging and chronicity are the background curtain of different debate panels, from the individual and community point of view. Our colleague Andrés Labella will moderate the table on the City as a space for life and coexistence.

For more information, inscription and presentation of posters, you can consult the following link:

Urban agenda of Catalonia

El próximo lunes 1 de julio, a partir de les 9h. tendrá lugar en el Campus Cataluña de la URV en Tarragona la quinta sesión participativa de la Agenda Urbana de Cataluña, impulsada por la Generalitat de Cataluña. La sesión se denomina “Dimensión ciudadana” y versará sobre Investigación y Conocimiento, Cultura y Arte y Participación y Transparencia.

VI Conference of the URV

On the 14 of June 2019 Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre and Ms. Gemma Caballé presented a communication in the VI Conference on teaching innovation on how housing research carried out in the UNESCO Chair is introduced in university teaching and the challenges that we still have in our country in this sense, such as, an interdisciplinary university degree on housing.

5th Summer Course of the UNESCO Housing Chair URV, inaugurated by Dr. Marc Roark

The 5thSummer Course of the UNESCO Housing Chair URV took place last Friday in Cambrils. It attracted a wide audience and addressed the new Spanish Act 5/2019 on the protection of consumers of mortgage loans. Dr. Mark Roark was in charge of the inaugural conference. Dr. Roark, Professor of Law in the Southern University Law Center (Louisiana, USA), stayed with the Housing Chair for a week, undertaking a research stay.


Participation of Dr. Sergio Nasarre a: 45th UIPI  International Congress: Collaborative Economy In the Real Estate Sector: An Opportunity For Europe

The International Union of Property Owners (UIPI) held its 45th International Congress in Rome, Italy, from 6 to 9 June 2019, to discuss the growing importance of the collaborative economy in the real estate sector, and the opportunities and challenges it entails for European property owners. 

The Congress, hosted by Confedilizia, the Italian property owners’ association, brought together more than 150 representatives from all over Europe, together with EU and national policy-makers, experts from the housing and real estate sectors as well as high-profile researchers.

Collaborative business models are reshaping the short-term accommodation market by creating new sources of income and employment opportunities for European citizens. At the same time, local housing markets and direct neighbourhoods are concerned by this new phenomenon, sometimes with adverse consequences.

To overcome these challenges, the Italian Undersecretary for Economic Development, Andrea Cioffi, underlined the need to create the tools that enable citizens to fully benefit from these new business models, while Mara Carfagna – Vice-President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies – stressed in her welcome message the crucial importance of property owners’ organisations in this regard, especially in providing information, analyses and ideas for decision-makers.

Giorgio Spaziani Testa, President of Confedilizia, highlighted a key aspect of collaborative short-term rentals, stating that “the sharing economy can help families in smaller cities and rural areas pay their taxes as well as revive entire villages.

In an attempt to reconcile all interests at stake, the President of UIPI, Stratos Paradias, emphasised the need for careful and well-thought policies: “What we need is a comprehensive, inclusive and balanced approach which could ensure harmony in our communities, enabling us to move forward, whilst preserving the legacy we bring with us, notably our values, our common heritage and property.


Dr. Diana Marín and Dr. Estela Rivas have given the presentations called “Platform economy and international litigation in the labour field” and “Participatory financing platforms”, respectively, at the conference: “Transnational trade-digital economy: taxes and customs”, which took place in Tarragona.