New book chapter: Comentarios a la ley catalana 15/2009, de 22 de julio, de mediación

Emma López contributed to the book Comentarios a la ley catalana 15/2009, de 22 de julio, de mediación en el ámbito del derecho privado y concordantes, published by Marcial Pons and directed by Prof. from the University of Barcelona, ​​Isabel Viola Demestre. It is a collective work that analyzes in depth the mediation Law in force in Catalonia.


Published the new decree on the system of rental income for urban leases in Catalonia (Decree Law 9/2019, of May 21)

Here is the complete book chapter of Prof. Sergio Nasarre a few months ago, where he already developed a very similar system to the one finally approved. It is available at:ón.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3aKLTNPuem_mTtaveOlikHyGlujXwnF9rasgqUoTe8q8pWF8C8l4ZVYpo

And the entire book is available at


“The social impact of research in the field of housing. The case of the UNESCO Chair of housing of the Rovira i Virgili University”

Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre Aznar and Gemma Caballé Fabra.

Born from a need to return to society the results of many years of intenseresearch on mortgage and housing law, the University Rovira i Virgili Housing Chair  was created as a functional vehicle to transfer knowledge and to achieve a tangible social  impact through facilitating access to housing.

This article describes the circumstances  that led to the establishment of the Chair, the only UNESCO Housing Chair in the  world, and analyzes its value chain, which links research with specialized teaching,  knowledge transfer and social impact. The article also presents key aspects of the Chair  and provides examples of its activity and impact with specific results

Released the report of the European Commission about energy efficiency upgrades in multi-owner residential buildings

This report reviews the legal, management and administrative obstacles in multi-owner buildings in 7 selected Member States and identifies good practices that help overcome identified issues across these Member States. The information is collected through a questionnaire distributed to legal and energy efficiency experts at national level with the aim to deepen our understanding on the legal implications of the current apartment ownership and management structure in each country and identify energy efficiency policies that encourage investments in this field. A workshop was also organised in November 2017 in Brussels with the aim to discuss these issues in more detail and draw policy recommendations on how to revise existing condominium and rental acts to make them more conducive to energy efficiency upgrades and investments in apartment buildings. Prof. Nasarre has contributed with the Spanish system to the report.

The report may be found at:

Housing Chair’s poster

A poster showing our research activities from 2013 to 2017, has been presented at the research exposition celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the URV.