Dr. Estela Rivas Nieto has published the chapter “Retos Tributarios del crowdfunding”, to the monograph Comercio internacional y economía col·laborativa en la era digital. Aspectos tributarios y empresariales of the editorial Thomson Reuters Aranzadi.



On October 14, the book entitled Advancing in inclusion was presented. Balance of achievements and pending agenda in Spanish disability law, Editorial Aranzadi, which includes the papers and communications presented to the II National Congress on the Rights of People with Disability, held in Pamplona in February 2019, and which account for the Advances achieved in recent years, among which the right to active and passive suffrage stands out.

As part of the research carried out in the Chair for the realization of the right to independent and community life recognized in article 19 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, our colleague Andrés Labella presented a paper in Congress entitled The role of community environments in favor of the right to independent life.

Among the important issues of the pending agenda of the legislator, contributions can be found on the modification of the Civil Code for the adaptation to the support model of article 12 of the Convention, the modification of article 49 of the Spanish Constitution and the proposals for the elaboration of the National Cognitive Accessibility Plan.

The contents can be known in the following link:

Publication of a doctoral dissertation

Tirant lo Blanch has recently published the doctoral dissertation of Dr. Rosa Maria Garcia Teruel, researcher from the Housing Chair, with the title “La sustitución de la renta por la rehabilitación o reforma de la vivienda en los arrendamientos urbanos”. This book studies the renovations in lieu of rent scheme, which was introduced in 2013 in art. 17.5 Urban Leases Act. This scheme allows a tenant with no liquidity to rent a housing without paying a rent in Money, but renovating it.


On September 22, our collaborator Dr. Maridalia Rodríguez Padilla published in the Dominican magazine an article entitled “Necesitamos políticas públicas habitacionales efectivas, inclusivas y diversificadas” (“We need effective, inclusive and diverse public housing policies”). Its main purpose was to draw attention to insufficient public housing policies in the Dominican Republic that would comply with the minimum standards indicated by the international agreements to which this country is a party.

In her opinion, based on the data of relevant institutions, Dominican citizens need public policies that would allow them to exercise their right to housing and other rights connected with it, as well as the measures that would promote the housing sector taking into account different needs and family budgets according to the different income groups. It also emphasizes that to recover affordable housing stock and thus to offer housing in accordance with different needs, the State’s active participation in this sector is necessary, as well as the minimum social commitment from the private sector.


Maridalia Rodríguez Padilla inaugurated an opinion space called “Aleph Jurídico” in the online magazine Through which it will share social and legal issues related specifically to  Housing Rights and its improvement in the Dominican Republic; the factors to overcome towards the development of a diversified and inclusive real estate market, as well as financial and legal developments that can have a positive impact in the residential market.The column began with an opinion article on the recent reform of  Trust law in the Dominican Republic, since the aforementioned modification deals directly with incentives to spur the development of affordable housing.

This first article has been titled: “La insuficiencia de la reforma de la Ley 189-11 para el desarrollo del mercado hipotecario y el fideicomiso en la República Dominicana”. Its purpose is to contribute to the reduction of the country’s housing deficit at the national level; and that it’s achievements can be emulated by other countries with the same housing challenges.


Estela Rivas Nieto, Les consequències fiscals del micromecenatge (Issues on crowdfunding taxation), Forum Jurídic, Revista de l’Il.lustre Col.legi de l’Advocacia de Tarragona, núm. 66, 07, 2019.


After the participation of our collaborator Maridalia Rodríguez Padillain the II Conference of Doctorate in Law of the UB: “Personalidades jurídicas difusas y artificiales”, which was held at the Law faculty of the University of Barcelona on April 24th, it has been published in TransJus Magazine, the working documents no. 4/2019 called “Personalidades jurídicas difusas y artificiales”. Her article entitled “El fideicomiso latinoamericano, una institución sin personalidad jurídica” can be found on pages 115-129 of the aforementioned publication in which it analyzes the diffuse personality of Latin American Trusts.

Journal of the UNESCO Housing Chair

The 11 issue of the journal Housing has been published.

Big Blue Book

The UN “Big Blue Book” has been published. It gathers 70 Universities worldwide that contribute, thanks to their research in the field of cities and urban studies, to achieve the global challenge number 11 (sustainable cities). Our UNESCO Housing Chair is located within these 70 Universities this year. Yo can find the link here:


Published the new decree on the system of rental income for urban leases in Catalonia (Decree Law 9/2019, of May 21)

Here is the complete book chapter of Prof. Sergio Nasarre a few months ago, where he already developed a very similar system to the one finally approved. It is available at:ón.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3aKLTNPuem_mTtaveOlikHyGlujXwnF9rasgqUoTe8q8pWF8C8l4ZVYpo

And the entire book is available at