The Chair participates in the Comprehensive Care Network for the homeless in Tarragona

Diari de Tarragona

Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre, “Ida y vuelta con la vivienda: de Tarragona a la Australia urbana”, Diari de Tarragona,  28/02/2020

Local Housing Plan of the City of Tarragona

The UNESCO Housing Chair and the City Council of Tarragona begin the participatory process for the updating of the Housing Plan of the city of Tarragona for the period 2020-2025.


“The Threshold” simulation experience on Tv Reus

The UNESCO Housing Chair brings “The Threshold” into schools and high schools to raise awareness among students about the problem of homelessness. The objective of the participants is to experience in first person the experiences and problems of the homeless people or at risk of being homeless ones, and of public and private institutions that try to alleviate these situations.


Homelessness Comprehensive Care Network

The annual plenary meeting of the Homelessness Comprehensive Care Network of Tarragona was held last Thursday, February 6. The UNESCO Housing Chair is part of this Network, along with 26 other entities, which aims to work in a coordinated manner to address the phenomenon of homelessness in the city.

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Collaboration with TV Reus

Last Monday, February 17, our partner Andrés Labella was interviewed on TV Reus to explain the role that the right to housing plays in making possible the right to life independently and in the community recognized in article 19 of the Convention of New York, as well as the Catalan strategy for deinstitutionalization. The interview is available at the following link:



Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI)

Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre has visited the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) in Melbourne (Australia), on February 14, to learn about the coordination of research and the transfer of knowledge on housing.

Participating in the Catalan Tv3 Channel

Dr. Núria Lambea was invited last February 6 to talk about the Barcelona social housing APROP and about the right to housing in the Tv show “Tot es mou” of the Catalan Public Channel.


Dr. Maridalia Rodríguez Padilla has published the article “Leasing habitacional o alquiler con opción a compra financiero” in the Aleph Jurídico of journal This time, she examines the atypical contractual figure of leasing applied to the residential market of access to housing and an instrument of financial inclusion. In her analysis she details the application of this financial product according to the laws of Honduras, Chile and Colombia, as well as the advantages of the implementation of this figure to contribute to the solution of housing problems in other States.