Diari de Tarragona

Emma López Solé, Back to mediation, Diari de Tarragona.



Reus TV Channel

Emma Lopez Solé talks about mediation and conflict resolution.




Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre Aznar speaks for La Sexta on Neither sharing an apartment, nor owning a house: this is cohousing, the housing model that the Government wants to promote.

Link: https://www.lasexta.com/noticias/economia/compartir-piso-poseer-casa-asi-cohousing-modelo-vivienda-que-quiere-impulsar-gobierno_2022011861e66d8004912a0001d3876b.html



Diari de Tarragona

Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre Aznar, La silla “gamer” definitiva, Diari de Tarragona, 30/12/2021


Diari de Tarragona

Sr. Pablo Ruiz Osuna, ¿ Rights for robots?




Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre Aznar speaks for El País about the rents for the weakest in the city center. Link: https://elpais.com/economia/2021-12-06/los-ricos-desalojan-a-los-pobres.html


Dr. Gemma Caballé Fabra speaks to La Vanguardia about formulas to buy a house with little savings.





Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre Aznar speaks for the Economist about why young people cannot be emancipated before the age of 30.



Canal Reus TV

Dr. Maridalia Rodríguez Padilla talks about the savings program for the purchase of a home.



Book Release

The Chair, in collaboration with the Dominican Judicial Observatory (OJD), organizes on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. the act of presentation of the book entitled “The real estate trust and foreign investment as instruments to mitigate the housing deficit” work of Dra. Maridalia Rodríguez Padilla, which is part of the collection of books “Housing Law” of the Tirant lo Blanch publishing house.

The presentation will be given by Dr. Luis Gonzalo Baena, a professor at the Externado de Colombia University, and Mr. Aquiles Calderón, a lawyer specialized in fiduciary administration.

The event will be streamed live from Funglode’s YouTube channel: Link

The information of the book is in: http://housing.urv.cat/en/cover/research/publications/

The video of the presentation is in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlPEgXbjXTw