Lecture at the Conference on housing, environment and the elderly

Dr. Simón delivered the lecture “Housing financial products for the elderly” at the “Aging, housing and environment” conference, organized by the Housing Observatory of Barcelona. The conference took place at the Consorcio Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo Barcelona-Center Ernest Lluch on November 27, 2019. The lecture addressed the main financial products available for the elderly, such as the reverse mortgage, the home reversion or the assignment of the housing for rent purposes.



The prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre participated on November 25 at the “IV Jornades sobre Desigualtats socials” organized by the University of Lleida with the conference “Innovacions legals per a afavorir l’accés a l’habitatge en un context comparat: reforma del lloguer, tinences intermèdies i habitatge col·laboratiu”.


Monitoring committee

On November 29, the Monitoring committee of the Chair was held with the parnerts and the Advisory Council.

Congress opening

On November 21 and 22, Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre participated as a keynote speaker in the Congress of collaborative accommodation that was held in Almería, organized by the University of Almeria in collaboration with the University of the Balearic Islands. Prof. Dr. Nasarre was in charge of inaugurating the Congress with a presentation on housing and collaborative economy in which he explained the new perspectives of access to housing in response to the economic crisis, based on the use of new technologies and blockchain as a decentralized system of information verification between peers.



Diari de Tarragona

Una Europa sin niños y concentración en la ciudad

Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre, 21/11/2019

Communication to international congress

Last Friday, November 22, PhD student Maria Paula Rodríguez, a researcher at the UNESCO Housing Chair of URV, orally introduced the statement entitled “Cohousing as a model of collaborative housing: risks arising from the determination of spaces and uses, and the dogmatic nature of purpose “, whose participation took place in the International Congress of Collaborative Accommodation in the city of Almeria. A great opportunity to account for the challenges facing the new collaborative alternatives to access housing.


Extraordinary doctoral award

Dr. Rosa Maria Garcia Teruel received on November 14th the extraordinary doctoral award in Law for her doctoral thesis “The replacement of the rent for renovation works in urban leases”. The extraordinary doctoral award recognizes the best doctoral dissertation in each area of knowledge. The book including the research from her PhD might be found at: https://www.tirant.com/editorial/libro/la-sustitucion-de-la-renta-por-la-rehabilitacion-o-reforma-de-la-vivienda-en-los-arrendamientos-urbanos-rosa-maria-garcia-teruel-9788413134123

Interview in Canal Reus Television

Dr. Héctor Simón was interviewed in Canal Reus on Monday, November 18th, about the impact of the Spanish Act 15/2019 (which came into force in June 2019 and implements into Spanish law the mortgage credit directive 2014) and its impact on the access to housing and the protection of consumers who purchase real estate for a residential purposes. It is available at: http://www.canalreustv.cat/catedra-unesco-dhabitatge-universitat-rovira-i-virgili.

Ambassadors meeting

Prof. Dr. Sergio Nasarre attended, last Friday November 15th, the Ambassadors meeting. There, Dr. Xavier Grau explained the importance of investment in research and its need to be effectively used in the production and social sectors.