European day of mediation, 21th January 2019

On the occasion of the European day of mediation, the library of the URV at the Catalunya Campus offers some books, journals and films about the topic.

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Should mediation be compulsory?

Newspaper article authored by Emma López in Diari de Tarragona, 20.1.2019.

Catalan Association of Sociology

Prof. Nasarre was invited by the Catalan Association of Sociology to participate in the conference “The housing challenges: data, needs and solutions” that took place at the Macaya Palace in Barcelona on 01-15-2019. With all tickets sold out, Prof. Nasarre together with Ms. Janet Sanz and Mr. Arnau Andrés Gallart discussed the current housing challenges in a comparative context, which has been developing in the Barcelona City Council for the last four years and cooperativism as an alternative form of tenure, respectively.

Conference-colloquium “Justice and Peace”

Dr. Nasarre gave the conference “The problem of access and loss of housing” for the members of Justice and Peace, which has been celebrating this type of event for 25 years. The problem became apparent among the attendees, which led to an interesting and creative debate.

Round Table “Airbnb: the end or the future of cultural tourism?”

Within the doctoral program of Tourism and Leisure of the Rovira i Virgili University, Dr. Nasarre participated in the round table talking about the “Touristification of home”, together with the speakers Profs. Minca i Roelofsen of Macquaire University (Sydney – Australia) and Prof. Paolo Russo.

Conference-Colloquium at the Rotary Club in Cambrils

Invited by the Rotary Club of Cambrils, Dr. Nasarre developed on the 10-1-2019 a speech on the situation of access to housing today and pointed to some possible solutions. It was an event that had an excellent attendance and the debate lasted until 1am.

Lecture at the URV’s Extended Campus on squatting of residential properties

Dr. Héctor Simón delivered the lecture “Squatting of residential properties and the protection of fundamental rights” within the framework of the lecture series organized by the URV’s Extended Campus and the History Museum of Cambrils on the 11st of January. More than 40 people attended the lecture, which addressed the relationship of the illegal occupation of residential properties with the right to private property, the right to housing, the right to the inviolability of the home and the right to respect for one’s private and family life.


The agenda of activities has been recently published

Journal of the UNESCO Housing Chair

The 10th issue of the journal Housing has been published.

Loss of homes and evictions across Europe

The loss of a home can lead to major violations of a person’s dignity and human rights. Yet, evictions take place everyday in all countries across Europe. This book provides a comparative assessment of human rights, administrative, procedural and public policy norms, in the context of eviction, across a number of European jurisdictions. Through this comparison the book exposes the emergence of consistent, Europe-wide standards and norms.

With contributions from experts across Europe, the chapters provide an assessment of eviction procedures in 11 jurisdictions, including Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Each chapter examines a number of factors relating to evictions in the respective jurisdiction, such as, the human rights and legal framework, nature and extent of evictions taking place, risk factors leading to evictions and relevant best practice guidance. All together, this book will make a significant contribution to the understanding of the similarities